Complex Innovation

Founded “Complex: Social Innovation Lab”, a laboratory focused on developing new solutions for ancient human hurdles. Working alongside both private ventures and public entities, at CSIL we believe that to solve some complex struggles, all that is missing is some creativity.

Not all conflicts are resolved by one party taking everything and the other party losing it all. From personal experience we know that sometimes a third party is necessary at that table, to convince those opposed that there is a third option... an area in between where both may gain something new.

But for this to happen, something new must be created that was not there before, and that opposing parties may now share.

At CSIL, we create that new value.

Our track record includes specific success stories that show that crafting creative new value is difficult, but possible.


La Noble Igualdad

Founded “La Noble Igualdad”, an NGO with three objectives: (1) to explain the Argentine Legal System so that it may be understood by someone as young as twelve years of age; (2) to empower every day citizens so that they may enforce their rights and defend them, in some cases, even without the need of a lawyer’s intervention; and (3) in more complex cases, to legally defend the rights of those most vulnerable through strategic litigation.


Crystal Media

Founded “Crystal Media”, a digital media platform which aims to decode current national affair debates in order to communicate them to the public in a clear and simple language so that people may understand what the underlying discussion is about and may then form a personal opinion or judgement.

Crystal Media takes news which are difficult to understand, and translates them so that everyone can understand what the underlying issue is.

So that we may form an opinion…

And, eventually, take action.


La Noble Igualdad and Crystal Media are sister projects and they have a common objective: Because in order to defend a basic right (personal or common) in the context of any discussion, it is first necessary to understand that discussion. Crystal Media helps to understand what debate is currently on the national agenda, and La Noble Igualdad helps ensure that the basic rights involved are preserved and enforced.

Why do we do this?

Because we need to understand a complex social problem before forming an opinion and, in some cases, make legal claims to defend our posture with respect to that problem.

Without comprehension there can be no opinion; without an opinion there are no rights; and without rights there is no justice.

This is the way we understand it.

This is how we make sense of the world.



Founded the NGO “AKIVA: measurable impact”, which strives to transform vulnerable neighborhoods of the Greater Buenos Aires, empowering their residents with tangible tools so that they may lead their own change.