“Arguing is Healthy: Mysteries behind the Talmud”

In 2021 Ignacio published the book “Arguing is Healthy: Mysteries behind the Talmud”. In this book he puts forth a suitable-for-all-ages Talmud version, for children, youngsters, and adults belonging to all creeds, from all origins and religious backgrounds.

The aim is to be able to use the Talmud as a tool to learn how to think, use our imagination and argue about every possible subject… without fighting.

Because world peace is not an accident.
It is a decision.

Under any belief…
and in any religion.

The Talmudic method exists and tries to open a door to a fascinating world, where contradicting and criticizing someone else’s point of view is allowed. As long as it holds good intentions and, above all, a strong foundation, this practice may promote discrepancy and a most passionate and pungent, yet deeply loving, debate.

The book was published by Pilpel Publishing: “spicy ideas for a better world”.