Kung-Fu and Meditation

Ignacio offers classes for children of all ages (5 to 18 years old). With ample experience training young children, he was Head Coach of the Rugby M6 and M7 teams at Club San Andres (under 6 and under 7 years of age). Here he created the “Paya-Coach” (Clown- Coach) position, now adopted by most of the minor categories of Buenos Aires Rugby Clubs. The Clown- Coach is, literally, a clown (including dress and clown attitudes) who focuses on support and inclusion of the less involved children, before actual technical rugby training.

His role is to empower all children – the shy and the outgoing – using techniques of mindfulness and emotion management.

His experience includes 10 uninterrupted years of instruction in meditation for children between 3 and 13 years of age. His Masters in this discipline were his own children. He also participated in more than 15 courses and programs related to meditation (in Argentina and China).

He also brings children closer to nature, doing work in partnership with animals for meditative purposes.


Ignacio continues to perfect his discipline with his Master, Sifu Martín Ugarte, who trains in China on a regular basis, and is a direct disciple of the following Masters:
Claudio Di Renzo, Northern Shaolin and Hun Gar.
Master Chen Bing, Chen Taijiquan.
Master Wang An Lin, Wenshengquan and Qigong.

Ignacio trained in China directly with Masters Zhang and Liu, with whom he shared intensive Kung- Fu and Meditation retreats.


Classes are free for children who attend the Provincial Public School, and charged for children who attend private schools.
100% of the funds received are redirected to the NGO AKIVA: IMPACTO MEDIBLE.

To enquire about available Class times, write to:


Kung-Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and meditation are tools of self-discovery (not combat practices). Contrary to popular belief, rather than increasing the predisposition to violence, they reduce it. This is because whoever manages to connect with their own emotions (good and bad – nice and ugly) and manages to process them, can achieve something magical: not acting impulsively as a response to feeling those emotions.
In other words, whoever can connect with their emotions... will not be governed by them.
This fact has great impact on the lives of children, and their interactions at school, with siblings and peers.


I recommend Kung-Fu especially for young girls. This practice gives them security, which is imperceptibly radiated to their surroundings.



Ignacio is an enthusiast of organic orchards and gardens for personal consumption. He grows more than 1,500 copperwoods and 300 edible plants at home with which he explores and learns. He believes that home vegetable produce is the way of the future for the children of our country. When thinking of the future most people discuss big nation-wide plans for economic development. Meanwhile Ignacio believes a simple vegetable garden in everyone's home is what could pull us out of the bottom of the ocean; because an organic orchard implies many small developments that, aggregated, constitute the long yearned "development" that, until now, has not yet arrived.
Big change is in small feasible ones.