The Bystander

Wrote and single-handedly starred in the experimental theatrical production “The Bystander”. The project involved interviews to a real Holocaust survivor, and a personal research trip to Concentration Camps in Poland. The end result was a one man show script, a seven song musical concert, and a graphical display which included live violins which presumably sounded as if they were played by Jews in the ghettos during the Nazi occupation of Poland.

Executive Summary of the Project:

Ignacio is currently finishing his next book. The thesis of this book is that the Holocaust has not actually ended yet because it is still replicating in different forms and intensities. The only way to actually evolve is to fully understand what happened at that time, where all people were part of either one of three groups:
(i) The murderers; (ii) the victims; (iii) and the bystanders.

Ignacio believes that it is precisely the latter that hold the key to the past... and the future.